Blogging? It’s an activity that asks the question: how do we know what we write will be enjoyed by others? I hope you’ll let me know. Meanwhile, here’s a fun story I’d like to share with everyone.

I once attended a talk by an excellent and very popular feature journalist for a Honolulu Newspaper, who spoke of her experiences tracking down and interviewing visiting celebrities, and the different ways one could go about it. Famous people were just one of her specialties, she could write about many things, but the story I remember best concerned an interview she conducted with Marlon Brando while he was on vacation in Honolulu.

She had arranged to meet him on a private beach at the exclusive Kahala Beach Hotel–he had granted her a full hour. When she arrived she was dressed in her work clothes while Brando bulged out of a very small bathing suit, (swimmers call them “ball baggers”), on his stomach on the hot sand. He invited her to lie down next to him which she did, also on her stomach, and resting on her elbows she began taking notes in her reporter’s notebook.

I remember she indicated he was a tough interview, with his gutteral speech and sometimes monosyllabic answers, and she used her entire bag  of reporter’s tricks to get some interesting bon mots. 

As they lay side-by side, she asked questions, he answered them. The Hawaiian sun grew hotter and hotter and she began to sweat. So did Brando. Toward the end of the hour, the hot sun finally took its toll–she was dripping wet and Brando was sweating profusely, too.   She got her story and it was a good one, as always. So was her talk to us that day and she ended it with a visual I will never forget : “There I was, lying side-by-side with this famous man, as pearls of wisdom dripped from his armpits.”


2 thoughts on “haunani77

  1. What a great line . . . the kind of visual that captures the scene for the reader and a wonderful example of the kind of writing every journalist strives for.

  2. That is a very entertaining story. While I have never interviewed a celebrity, I have conversed with a few in my days living in L.A. They are a rare breed, and when you catch them being human instead of ego’s it is a beautiful thing. Also I agree with Peggy, great imagery.

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