In the Wake of Discovery, otherwise known as My First Blog

So here I sit, seven years after returning to college to get my journalism degree – in a journalism class at Western Washington University titled, what else? Blogging. Since this is my first attempt at blogging I’m hoping to avoid getting carried away with posting too much. But if you know me you know I love to write, so I will get carried away. If you don’t know me this blog will, no doubt, be longer than promised.

Everything that follows from this point on will be part of my ongoing project to finally complete the book I began in 1968, when I first began writing about our sailing trip on Discovery. I’ll share the pitfalls and pleasures of past, and never-before-heard, Hogan family adventures as we sailed the Pacific. You’ll read some humorous stories, some frightening ones, and others that recount what its like to live aboard a 33-foot sailboat 24/7 with your husband and two children . Of course, if you want to know what that’s really like, round up one pre-teen boy and girl, move them, their toys, and everything you need to survive on a daily basis (including a portable potty) into your kitchen and hang out there for a month without ever going out. To make it even more fun, you could try putting your kitchen on a gyroscope so the room tilts and turns at odd times, especially when you’re cooking.


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